Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hindsight is a beautiful thing

If only we could go back in time and make different decisions...
We'd never have to live with regret or face the consequences of our decisions made.
Just shy of our 6month west side anniversary we have been formally notified of the company's intention to transfer Papa's dept. to Perth.
Perth is not what we signed up for.
We would never have moved our family across the country for such a short stint. This adventure was supposed to have positive longterm effects on our future---we haven't made a dent in the mortgage in the time we've had here. Especially when you factor in wedding+flights.
The real bummer for Papa is that he turned down a job he would have loved because we had already accepted this offer and we were both keen for the adventure.
We've all reaped the benefits of a better work/home balance but cant help feeling a bit annoyed at the whole situation.
We've got maybe 6-9months till the shift so we are floating around a few different plans before we sign up for perth.
Perhaps we are meant to be gypsies ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello Wet Season!!

After 6 months and several false alarms from the weather reports we have rain!!
I woke at 3am to house-shakng thunder, brilliant lightening and the sweet sound of rain. I had to go out and check it out, the kids however waited for the more respectable time of 6am for puddle jumping.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hip pocket vs. Health

There's no getting around it. Food is expensive here.
We are spending the most we ever have on groceries and it feels like the boys never stop eating!
We expected there to be an increase, after all we are now living in "remote" Australia but the reality stings everytime we hand over the card.
We have trialled various strategies to reduce our bill...
*snacks from scratch vs. packaged snacks
*high meat vs. more veggie meals
*ready made foods vs. prepared from scratch
Thus far, we cannot find the magic meal plan to balance out both cost and health.
We don't normally buy lots of packaged things and ready made meals. So when we tried that option we all felt horrible and I knew it would be costly to our health to continue.
It's the fruit and vegetables and meats that are the killer here.
There are no butcher shops (aside from a travelling butcher we were a bit meh about) and no fruit and veggie markets. We are at the mercy of supermarket prices.
It is fair to say this has just about doubled our grocery costs.
We all want our kids to enjoy fruits, vegetables and a variety of healthy food but it is seriously hard when the costs are so high.
I dream of the $40 fruit/veg box I used to have delivered on the east coast that would meet our needs for more than a week. Here it feels like all the fruit is gone a few days after the shopping is done.
I try to see the costs of good food as insurance for our health but gee, I wish the premiums weren't so high!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Words from Wait-Awhile

The awe-inspiring scenery on the drive to Karratha
Quaint model of a middle of nowhere pub. The pub itslef looked quite scary. I opted to pee on the side of the road!
Lots and lots of termite mounds- quite a few sporting hard hats on the top!!
Life has been doing what it does best and being busy here. The above pics are from a trip we did to Karratha. There were endless kms of straight road so I did alot of driving practice.
We have been spending most days swimming and sunning and the kids are eating us out of house and home with all that physical activity!
Will post pics of our house next time. We have been rescuing green tree frogs from the toilet nearly every night and the kids love chasing all the geckos and jumping lizards in the garden.
We have met up with some friendly people and often do playdates at each others pool ;)
We just returned from a trip over east for our wedding (again, pictures in another post) and it was really weird and over stimulating being in the city again. Although I did enjoy being so close to friends and family and interesting learning experiences. I found it really cold for the first couple of nights- lucky there was heating in our accomodation!
We are tossing up the idea of having a "metro experience" once our time in the pilbara comes to an end. I have a feeling it will be a whole new learning experience.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stairway to the Moon

First up, the moon on the west coast is AHHHHHH-mazing!! couple that with a natural phenomenon called "Stairway to the Moon" where a full moon rises over a (very) low tide and you get this ....
Alas, our camera did not have the proper capabilities to take our own photos so this is a google image. However it was so cool to watch a staircase leading to the moon appear, even just the huge moon rising was beautiful. It looked like a ball of lava erupting out of the sea.

We thought we had sufficiently worn out the kids with lots of park play, beach adventuring and a BBQ dinner but there was still alot of whining "that the moon should just hurry the frick up" as we waited on the newly constructed viewing platform.
There was silence though when the action started, well all except Scott who provides a 24/7 running commentary on life and every thought that pops into his head.
Linkin was frustrated that we ouldn't actually walk up the stairs to the moon and thought the whole thing was a rip off.
But Anthony and I managed a wee moment amongst the kid wrangling to squeeze each others hand and reflect on life.

We are going to check out a possible permanent house in a few days so fingers crossed it is ok. I can't wait for my own bed!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

photo updates

Al Fresco Bubble Bath

The Big Wheelbarrow

Fossicking for shells

Catching a ride from one of the locals

The Coastline eaten away by the high salt content

Despite this looking like a floating log, It is definitely our first turtle sighting...but you'll have to take our word on it.

Ready, Aim, Fire!!

Making a cake the old fashioned way. Y'know by hand, in a makeshift mixing bowl.

Friday, June 3, 2011

first break

We are coming to an end of Anthony's first 6days off and I have to say it is far more relaxing than cramming all the things you have to do, want to do and some relax time into a weekend.

We checked out the beach at Cooke point which happens to be a clothing optional beach. It was deserted the day we went (bugger) and as there is the possibility of salt water crocs in the area I don't think there would be too many nudie beach goers there.
The kids collected enough beach treasure to start our own beach, watched hermit crabs and dared to get their feet wet-all while watching for crocs!!
The high tides bring in amazing shells and other treasures so it is a great place to get some sun while the kids fossick.
We capped off that day with the playground and icecream after which Eli slept for about 4hrs!! Although he did end up succumbing to the gastro bug that night :(

Scott and I went and hung out at the library together for his first book club meeting but it was postponed so we took the opportunity to have some one on one time while Anthony was at the park with the other two.
It is so rewarding for both Anthony and I to be able to truly share the parenting. Everyone is happier, less stressed and the kids are enjoying spending time with both of us.

We did have a great day planned today.... cartooning workshop followed by the pool but alas Linkin has been the next victim of the gastro :( so we are hanging out together while Anthony and Scott have some chill out time together at his cartooning workshop. We'll leave the pool for tomorrow with our fingers crossed!!